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Going through a divorce was difficult enough, but knowing what the right step to take next was even more difficult. Victoria walked me through and explained each process as it came our way in the legal process. She was knowledgeable, attentive, caring and compassionate. Any questions I had were answered quickly and thoroughly. Everything was so personalized and she made me feel as if I was her most important client each and every time we spoke.

Victoria Broussard is an outstanding and brilliant attorney and is extremely knowledgeable and professional in law and her work ethics. She is a blessing to my family. Victoria represented me and throughout my legal issues she did not hesitate to help me with all of the questions and the concerns that I gave her. Her knowledge and her personal attention to me and my fears is what educated me on what to expect throughout the process. She is a remarkable person and lawyer. Victoria was a blessing to myself and my children and I am forever grateful for all her help. — R. Hernandez

Victoria is a knowledgeable lawyer and consultant with a depth of experience in Family, Probate, and Criminal matters. She is trustworthy, loyal and committed to obtaining the best results possible for her clients. Her skill, experience, thoughtfulness and imagination translate into an ability to quickly analyze the facts and the applicable law. She adeptly anticipates where the case will go and passionately works towards a practical and meaningful resolution for all parties involved. I am impressed by her enthusiasm, drive and willingness to take on new and complicated cases. I have known Victoria for 17 years and would highly recommend her as legal counsel. — L. Collins

Victoria was very thorough and had undeniably researched all aspects that were going to be presented in my case. It was evident that she was fully prepared for each and every direction that was taken and could have been taken in my hearing. I sat in awe of her as I watched her knowledge and professionalism at work in the courtroom. I would highly recommend Victoria Broussard as she is a remarkable lawyer and I always felt that she was fully representing me and the best for me and my family. — S. McCauley

Victoria will get the job done. She is very understanding and will go above and beyond for you. she has many ways to stay in contact and she is very flexible to meet anywhere. Very happy and satisfied with her service. — C. Chagoya

Commitment & Communication are the two words I would use to describe Ms. Victoria Broussard. Ms. Broussard throughout this process committed her time, knowledge, patience and understanding. There was not a time when we called or text that she didn’t respond. Her communication was impeccable. Whatever questions and/or concerns we had, she was there to answer and reassure. She was upfront and honest and was able to provide all sides of what could arise from the situation. Communication is always the key in any situation and with Ms. Broussard we never questioned what was going on because as soon as she had any information it was communicated/relayed to all immediately. If you are looking for someone that will have your best interest at heart, contact Ms. Victoria Broussard. — F. Clark

Ms. Victoria is an excellent lawyer who is very competent. She checks up on her clients frequently and constantly gives updates on the case and what moves are best to make for the betterment of you. She fights for you as a person 100% and really cares about you as an individual she recently got my case dismissed and I’m grateful because with God and the work of her it happened. She is also very thorough and is worth the amount of money you pay because your getting someone who truly cares about you and will fight to the end for you. I’m grateful to have meet her and recommend anyone to use her and watch how she and God work to get you through it. — J. Richard

Victoria Broussard was a great attorney! She dedicated her time to assist my sons with all questions, and any concerns regarding their case. She made time to explain the case to each of them in detail, and most importantly she had their best interest at heart. I am so grateful for her representation, otherwise my boys’ case would not have been dismissed. I would definitely recommend her. — D. Teate

Victoria has been in our lives for many years. The situation I was in happened to be with my own parents. When I had no one to trust or talk to, Victoria always answered my calls. She always went above and beyond as far as representing me but also was a great sense of comfort and strength for me. No matter how many times we were called into court, no matter how ridiculous the issue was, Victoria was there with me. She remained professional and I really felt as though she was a wonderful teammate for me.

We did ultimately end up winning the case that was 5+ years long and it wouldn’t have happened had it not been for Victoria. She never once waivered. She always believed in the fact that we would come out on top, and we did. She would meet me where I was able to, even at McDonalds when my son was small so that he was able to play while we talked. She literally dropped everything one day to meet me for an emergency “appointment” that involved my children, last minute without question. I cannot recommend her enough. After 5+ years in and out of court we basically became family. She’s still in our lives and I’m so thankful to be able to call her a dear family friend. — R. Bradfield

I’ve had custody of my daughter since her birth in 1997, but it has continuously cost me time and money that I really didn’t have to spend. Over the years there has been several lawyers I’ve hired, but were not able to get me the results I wanted. Victoria Broussard was the first to take my case, which was a strong one, and get to the truth of the facts at hand. Now my family and I can focus on my daughter getting through high school to go off toward a gainful future. If you are looking for a honest, hardworking, attorney that cares more about your case than money give her a try. — F. Turner

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