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Whatever your legal situation is with your family, one thing is certain, the lawyer you choose will have a profound impact on how you get to the other side of this challenge. You need a lawyer who knows what if feels like to be in your shoes.

Part of having your affairs in order is having a valid will or trust in a safe place and one at your attorney’s office. No one wants to think about drafting these documents, because it is painful to think about not being here for loved ones.

Notwithstanding our ability to negotiate favorable plea bargains and obtain dismissals when least expected, our attorneys communication and interactive skills will be put to use for you during any jury selections and trials.

Premier Legal Representation

Our clients experience the benefit of receiving authentic representation from attorneys who have a genuine passion for justice, humanity, and the law that is born out of the practice of Alchemy. Alchemy is an ancient branch of natural philosophy practiced throughout Africa, Asia, and Europe and culminates in the science of the psychotherapeutic process through a process of seven phases of transmutation.

Originating in Egypt in the first few centuries, spiritual Alchemy is the self-disciplining work of entertaining only such emotions that contribute to one’s well-being and inner peace with the end goal of perfection of the soul. 
Even Christian legends and myths found fertile ground in the practices of alchemy. Interestingly and unbeknownst to many, there is a wealth of data connecting Egyptian mythology and mysticism to Christianity, demonstrating that the former contributed a great deal to the latter.

The simplest way to define this framework is, Alchemy is the understanding of relationships between consciousness and matter. Alchemy encompasses several philosophical traditions spanning four millennia. Alchemy, has at its core the goal of evolving from ignorance to enlightenment, truth, and ultimate personal and deliberately creative power. Alchemy was practiced by some of the greatest minds known to mankind, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton and Carl Jung.

The type of intense stress induced by litigation is traumatizing and overwhelming. For that reason, you need to know your attorney isn’t going to stop working for you when the going gets tough. You need to know he or she knows how to go slightly beyond just meeting your legal needs. Often, we’ve found ourselves, literally and figuratively, holding our clients up as they brave through the most challenging months and years of their lives.  The reason these concepts discussed on the home page are so important is because you don’t know how long this storm is going to last and you need someone you know has the intestinal fortitude to weather the storm with you.

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If you have been arrested for, charged with, or indicted on any of these crimes or a crime not named, call The Alchemy Attorney, or e-mail now for your no cost consultation, so you can experience authentic lawyering, where it is our business to make our skills work for you.